Iurie Cibotaru
What if everyone would live a visibele trace?.. 
A footprint is something that everyone sees in a different way: 
Someone likes to leave deep footprints 
Another prefers not to leave any 
Someone doesnít like to step into othersí footprints 
Another canít stand when others are stepping into his. 
Someone has found othersí footprints 
Another has lost his own 
Someone is pleased with his footprints, 
Another wants to put an end to his. 
Someone admires othersí footprints. 
To another othersí footprints bring trouble 
We can go on like this until we reach the conclusion 
that all we have around us are footprints and makers of footprints. 
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Illustrations © 1997 S.C.C.A. Chisinau 
Part of  Contemporary Art Virtual Museum 
Chisinau - Republic of  Moldova 
Last modified : june 15th, 1998