Lilia Dragnev
Lucia Macari

Any man is able to utter a numerous amount of sounds of different intensity, pitch and timber. But only a certain part of the uttered sound scale may be considered practically usable and artistically receivable. Besides the traditional methods of research on the superior respiratory canals in phoneotry, there also are used some helping methods. These are laryngostroboscopy, laryngography, roentgenography, roentgennomography of the larynx, the methods of special analysis of the sound by using electrometric devices. 
In the preformance there is used the principle of laryngography, achieved by means of a special device which records graphically the voice vibration. The specific of the device resides in the recording of voice vibrations depending on the HZ pitch, timber and the intensity of the produced sound. By means of some vibrosensors the device is connected to the necks of two "real artists" (Dragnev/Macari) and, depending on the vocal sound produced, the hands of the device apply certain graphics. 







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Illustrations © 1997 S.C.C.A. Chisinau 
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