Igor Scerbina

People's wish to see a wonder with their own eyes brought to all kinds of inventions in the field of "wonder production". Taking into account a certain aggression of the audience, a particular popularity was gained by the tricks of "extreme" direction: cutting people in halves, piercing ladies with swords, various dismemberings  and so on, and so forth… 
We shall make some observations regarding that: how is the saw sawing and how is it cut the cutted? 
We are not interested in exposing the illusionists. We are interested in how the saw is behaving itself as a subject, its movements, its plasticity: we can watch the cutted with its eyes; we can look into its eyes from the cutted’ s point of view… 
Eyes to eyes - and the rude aggression is already changed by the interest and there even appears a certain romantic delicacy… 




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Illustrations © 1997 S.C.C.A. Chisinau 
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Last modified : june 15th, 1998