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Special Issue Art Periodicals Today, Historically Considered edited by Octavian Eşanu and Angela Harutyunyan

ARTMargins October 2016, Vol. 5, No. 3:



Introduction: Art Periodicals Today, Historically Considered
Octavian Eşanu, Angela Harutyunyan

Critical Machines: Art Periodicals Today (Conference Report and Q&A)
Octavian Eşanu


Art Periodicals and Contemporary Art Worlds (Part I): A Historical Exploration Full Access
Gwen L. Allen

Surrealism Is a Thing: Rubrics and Objectivation in the Surrealist Periodical, 1924–2015
Catherine Hansen


Lotus Notes   
Nida Ghouse


On Yugoslav Poststructuralism: Introduction to “Art, Society/Text” (1975)   
Nikola Dedić

Art, Society/Text   
Anonymous (Authorized by the editors of Problemi-Razprave)